Our Patient Who Loves Their DenVantage Membership Plan

When the calendar on my phone alerts me that it’s time to schedule a teeth cleaning and exam, I can’t believe how fast six months has flown by. In the past when I had dental insurance, I used to be more aware because I had to get in before the end of the year so I wouldn’t lose my yearly benefits. But now that I have the DenVantage membership plan, all of that has changed and I no longer have to worry about losing benefits. 

That said, losing benefits isn’t the only consideration I had when it came to my dental insurance. So many times, I needed to have work done but my insurance was limited on what they would cover and when they would cover it. So frustrating and I didn’t feel like I was supported when it came to getting the treatments I needed. 

Then came the day Dr. Netzley told me about a new dental insurance alternative that would change my life. For a manageable monthly fee and no waiting period, my DenVantage membership plan covers all of the preventive stuff like cleanings, x-rays, exams and so on that are 100% covered. That’s right 100%! And not only that, if I need to have fillings, crowns, a root canal or whatever, I’m going to get big discounts on those procedures. 

Thank you so much Dr. Netzley for turning me on to DenVantage and taking such great care of me. 

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