Dog Days

3 years ago, a Labrador puppy showed up next to the house I’ve been building. Her Ribs were showing through her daunt skin and I tried to shoo her away, but she was too weak. My son was visiting from San Diego and decided to take her home where she became his service support dog.  Now my son has a son which makes three humans and a dog in a very small apartment. It was decided that she should come back to stay with me on the farm back where we first discovered her. 

This beautiful, fun dog Reese is a Dudley variety of the Labrador retriever.  After fetching a few times, she just runs past me not leaving the fetched item; in this case a small piece of wood left over from construction.  So, I decided to block her from running past me which lead to this chase scene inside my unfinished house.

I have always stated that I didn’t like dogs and disliked even more people who mistreat them.  Years ago, I filled out the paperwork to get a hearing dog, but decided not to send in the request because I did not want the responsibility.  Ha! Ha! Look at me now!!