The Schwinn That Never Quit

By DrNetzleyDDS | May 4, 2021 | Comments Off on The Schwinn That Never Quit

Over the years I’ve had a number of bicycles, my favorite being a Luison Bobett in a beautiful metallic green color.  My father bought the ten speed bicycle for my birthday, but unfortunately, I did not have it for very long as someone removed it from my possession.  Bicycle theft was and is an ongoing…

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Cleaning the Dishes and Other Things

By DrNetzleyDDS | March 22, 2021 | Comments Off on Cleaning the Dishes and Other Things

At the age of 14, I started working for pay for the first time at the Boy Scout Camp as a kitchen helper, where we fed 300 people per meal.  One of my main duties was washing the dishes, and sometimes the auto dishwasher worked and sometimes it didn’t.   Dishwasher or potato peeler, I put…

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Is it SAFE to go to the Dentist?

By DrNetzleyDDS | February 9, 2021 |

ABSOLUTELY It Is! The world continues to change at a breathtaking speed with some fear and uncertainty. As it begins to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic, one question that I am often asked is “Do you think it is safe to go to the dentist? “ My immediate response is an ABSOLUTELY, “YES!” You may…

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Running Away

By DrNetzleyDDS | January 25, 2021 |

When I was in kindergarten, there were over 85 kids in our class, and it took two teachers and some aids to keep us all corralled and in line.   The room was extremely large to hold all of us and even had a full-size playhouse in the middle of the classroom.   The bathrooms were on…

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Our Patient Who Loves Their DenVantage Membership Plan

By DrNetzleyDDS | January 4, 2021 |
DenVantage Membership Plan Fresno

When the calendar on my phone alerts me that it’s time to schedule a teeth cleaning and exam, I can’t believe how fast six months has flown by. In the past when I had dental insurance, I used to be more aware because I had to get in before the end of the year so…

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Taking Care Of The Uncared For

By DrNetzleyDDS | December 14, 2020 |

Many years ago, I attended a dental meeting where representatives of the dental organization spoke about the unmet needs of nursing home residents.  I was moved by compassion and felt an unavoidable desire to do something about it. I found a dentist (Peter) in the Seattle area that had been treating those who had often…

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Teachings of My Father

By DrNetzleyDDS | November 10, 2020 |

 My Father was a consummate learner and as such was a great teacher. During his lunch hours, siting outside on the sidewalk on Amador, he once watched as masons built a brick fence for a new business across the street.  He would go over and ask questions about how to set brick and how to…

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To Split With Reckless Abandon

By DrNetzleyDDS | October 20, 2020 |

Sometime after my father returned from WWII with his two purple hearts, he was helping his father to split eucalyptus for firewood.  A couple of things to understand about eucalyptus wood: The hydraulic log splitter had yet to be developed Eucalyptus wood is nearly impossible to split due to the fibrous nature of the grain…

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Driving Grandmothers

By DrNetzleyDDS | October 13, 2020 |

My paternal grandmother became blind before I was born.  She had gone through all the emotional stages when one has a disability thrown at them.  So, my first childhood memories are filled with a productive, coping, loving blind grandmother.  On one occasion she turned to me with a cookie in her hand projecting in my…

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Physical Handicaps to Overcome

By DrNetzleyDDS | October 6, 2020 |

The following excerpt is my personal philosophy based on my own life experiences.  As I point out, this is a highly charged subject and I will not solve the world’s problems in regards to education and development of handicapped children. Few things are as emotionally charged as bringing forth a child that has a physical…

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