Healistic Dentistry – A Step Above Holistic Dentistry

Healistic Dentist in Fresno

Traditionally as a society we are bombarded by pills and medicines to treat our health issues which address the symptom, but rarely the cause.  As dentists, we try to concentrate on the root cause so that we can more effectively treat the symptoms our patients are experiencing.

Holistic dentistry focuses on the whole body and uses more alternative methods to treat diseases of the body. Holistic methods address the effects that the teeth, gums and jaws have on the entire body.  And conversely, how the body effects the health of the teeth, gums and the jaw.  With our Holistic approach, we no longer place silver mercury fillings and we stress better nutrition and healthier lifestyle.

Case in point:  In the past it was widely believed that diabetes caused gum disease. Today some say that gum disease can influence the development of diabetes.  Rather than thinking one cause the other, perhaps they are interconnected!

Now we enter the realm of Healistic Dentistry, where we help the body to heal itself.  Sound unbelievable?  Yes, it doesn’t seem possible!  But the human body is remarkable in its ability to heal itself.  Lacerations, broken bones, infectious diseases, and even nerve damage are repaired by wonderful mechanisms of bio regeneration. So now we can help the teeth repair themselves.  Still unbelievable?

Enter the world of Ozone therapy, bio materials, and bio processes that can stimulate the reparative processes.  Imagine fewer fillings, an alternative to root canal therapy, stopping tooth decay in its tracts.  And fewer extractions and fewer expensive implants because the body heals itself and thus saves the tooth!

This new scenario of treatment modality has been years in the making.  With dental researchers from around the world collaborating to make this a reality, I have had the privilege of being taught by the leaders in this field.

Come and see us for more information on this exciting new venue for Healistic Dentistry.