Cleaning The Side of the Country Road

Long before it was politically correct or before warning signs of fees were leveled for littering. Long before road signs were erected for giving credit to organizations for keeping the road-side clean; there were the Boy Scouts out there, cleaning up the side of the road.

Our Troop would go out on Saturday mornings to pick up trash and one time it was over 100 degrees when I came across an unopened beer can.  Back in those days, pop tops were brand new, so I was curious about this unfamiliar opener I was seeing on the top of the can. 

To clarify how far back this was, up until pop tops came about, beverage cans were open by pull rings that came off completely when being opened.  The rings were generally just tossed onto the ground or out of the car window adding to the litter problem. 

So back to it, this was my first exposure to the pop top—Did I say it was hot? Did I say that the can was bloated? Yep, I pulled on the ring and the warm beer sprayed all over the front side of me.  It was hours before I got back home to take a bath and my mother was appalled at how I stunk, sweaty with warm beer.  Well, that cured me from ever wanting to taste or ever get near that stuff again.

That goes for any other chemical substance which I have veered away from too.  I read the food packages to stay away from the harmful substances and I am earnestly trying not to procure containers that will just ultimately end up as trash.

This agenda has helped me to use nontoxic materials in the dental practice and to use reusable supplies. 

So, when you or I see trash, lets pick it up!