The Real World vs The Dental Insurance World

Real World

There are many business models that have been written about, one being a Real-World triangle regarding the purchase of goods or services.  In one corner of the triangle is Great Service, in another corner is Cheap Costs, and in the third corner is High Quality.  

So, in this Real-World business model you get to only choose two!

  • If you pick Cheap Costs and Great Service, you get poor quality.
  • If you pick Great Service and High Quality, you don’t get cheap costs
  • If you pick Cheap Costs and High Quality, you get poor service.
Real World Triangle Image

Dental Insurance World

The triangle in the Dental Insurance world is slightly different.   In one corner is Low quantity, in another corner is Service (usually poor), and in the third corner is Costs.

Dental Insurance Triangle

Regardless of what quality is given, you get very little of it.   I often refer to dental insurance as a pre-paid phone card.  When you use up your minutes, regardless of your needs, there is no more dental coverage. The service you get is entirely dependent on the dental office and how they feel about the payment received.  Much of the time, dental insurance does not cover the cost of treatment.  

In short, the cost of dental insurance can be a can of worms!  A large percentage of the insurance premium is kept by the insurance company, and you the patient might get a small percentage of what remains. As a patient, many procedures are denied regardless of your needs and you will still pay a percentage depending on the contract between the insurance company and your employer. 

Most dental coverage is the same today as it was in the 1960’s, back when people paid 28 cents a gallon for gasoline.  What’s interesting is the fact that you would get more dental services if you paid cash rather than paying dental premiums plus the percentage.

All of that said, we have a better plan!

With our DenVantage Membership Plan, you’ll pay a manageable monthly fee that covers all of your cleanings, exams, and x-rays for the entire year, and all other services are offered at a discount.

More information can be found Here or better yet, ask us in person and we’ll fill in the blanks.


William M. Netzley, DDS