My Dental Values

In my 41 years of practice, I have contemplated some things that should be followed in the practice of dentistry. The mark of a good person is their ability to learn and adapt to better them-self.

This list is by no means a final draft but it is the sum of what I have learned over time:

  1. Do what is best for the patient in the long run.
  2. Be conservative by keeping as much of tooth structure as possible.
  3. Make it simple for the patient to maintain their health.
  4. Stay young by keeping abreast of the newest concepts of dental research and make wise choices with this new knowledge.
  5. One thing or one procedure does not fit all.
  6. Make it fun!
  7. Be interested in people.
  8. Time is important.
  9. Trust must be earned.
  10. Above all, we are in the service business which often takes us beyond the patient’s teeth.

I know that there are still many important life lessons ahead of me. I hope that I can continue to find ways to serve those with whom I come into contact.

How about you? What are some of your rules for life?