The Pain of Headaches

In the realm of reoccurring pain scenarios, Migraine Headaches ranks among the most despised.  My own Mother suffered with these and would be buried in the dark bedroom for days at a time.  Pills after pills, bio feedback, and psychiatric counseling did little to help her.  Today, as a dentist, I can reduce headaches in 83% of Migraine sufferers.    Unbelievable? Yes!  The treatment involves the balancing of the patients bite.   This is probably one of the most complex treatments we perform as dentists.  It gives me great pause and satisfaction to help my patients with this dreaded disease especially remembering my own Mother’s suffering.

Besides the headaches, other symptoms found in headache sufferers include, popping of the jaw, pain in the jaw joint (TMJ),  sore/stiff neck muscles, grinding of teeth at night, hard to open ones mouth, shoulder pain and  locking of the jaw.

If you or a loved one suffers from the above list, I invite you to schedule an examination to see if we can be of some help.