Baby Bottle Mouth


There have been many negative posts about this blog.

Baby bottle mouth is on the top of the list of the most prevalent diseases on this planet.  I have treated hundreds of children over my 40 years of practice with this disease.  It has given me deep indelible sadness to treat this very preventable disease. 

If my blog helps but one child from the swelling, pain and misery that accompanies this disease, it will be well worth the negative comments.

“Why is my baby’s mouth orange?”

This was the question a mother had while I was attending the university. Yes the baby was orange in color! After asking some basic questions, it was apparent. The mother had read that carrot juice was good for your eyes…………Yep!

What do you feed a baby?

As Humans we belong to the class of animals called Mammals. Why? Because our mothers have specialized sweat glands that produce milk. I’m always in awe of Man’s belief in himself as knowing more about nature than he really does. Who among us believes that a man has made a powder that is as good as nature’s milk for a baby?

This brings me to talk about a terrible disease we call “Baby Bottle Mouth”.

When babies are feed even milk via a baby bottle, it can and does rot out the teeth. So does putting Kool-Aid, Sunny D, Jell-O water, Coca-cola in the bottle that drips over the baby’s teeth while sleeping: feeds the bacteria that rapidly decay’s teeth.

Also, the acid nature of some of these further destroys teeth. The baby pays dearly for the parent’s convenience of using a baby bottle. Besides the better nutrition and healthy teeth from breast feeding; there are also other positive effects. Such as better immune systems, emotional connection the others, calmness, feelings of security.

For those who cannot nurse, we strongly suggest to remove the bottle when the baby is finished feeding. For it is the “long” exposure to these deleterious substances that causes the pain, swelling and fevers of our infant offspring.