Insurance – Episode Three

In episodes One and Two, I discussed the history and the current trends in the business of dental insurance. I referred to these as the “dark side of the force.” Here, I would like to discuss the alternative, or the “light side of the force.”

This is a membership plan.  Patients pay a monthly fee that provides for all examinations, X-rays and cleanings for a year, i.e. the preventative stuff in dental procedures.

Its power is not limited to prevention alone. With it, patients can expect:

  • Savings on all other procedures like fillings and crowns
  • No Waiting period
  • No annual maximum
  • No Claim forms so no denied claims or stalled payments
  • No Pre-Authorizations
  • Coverage to fit your personal needs
  • Know your savings before your treatment

This power is called DenVantage

Your training can begin at,  or by calling 559-227-4078.

Note:  I am the first dentist to participate in DenVantage west of the Mississippi.