Karen Picks A Plan

Karen was very anxious about her decision of what dental plan to sign up for. 

Which plan is best?  What are the monthly costs?  Which services will be covered? Which one’s will not?  What does “yearly maximum” mean? Traditional, PPO’s, Company plans, Individual plans are just a few of her choices.

Little did Karen know that there are 25 thousand Northern California dental health plans!  They all have phrases such as deductible, waiting period, percentages of covered services, not covered services, replacement time periods, Lists of Participating Dentist, etc.

How could she possibly know enough to make a reasonably prudent decision?

Karen again thought – how do I choose?  Is there an easier way to budget my Dental expenses?  After all, one can see after a while that these plans are in lawyer speak.

She did find an alternative that does not involve an insurance company… It is a membership plan.  Monthly payments are made to cover the costs that is tailored to her particular dental needs.  It covers 100 % of her yearly preventative costs.  Such as exams, necessary x-rays and regular cleanings or periodontal maintenance are all covered.  Now Karen can budget her recurring dental needs.

For all other dental services, there are savings i.e. discounted fees.  This plan is called DenVantage.

What peace of mind Karen has now – when she thinks of going to the dentist.

To share in this peace of mind, reach out and schedule an appointment with us today.