Personal Service and Connecting to People

While standing in the grocery store line, the clerk asked me, “How is your day going?” I responded “wonderful!” But I was still taken aback as she had asked it with real sincerity.

In today’s modern world, expediency has over taken personal service. Smart phones have replaced personal connection. Busyness has replaced serenity and fulfillment.

Seems that so many whom are providing services fail to ask what our concerns are before they give out answers.

Smart phones have replaced personal face to face connections to people; the ability to listen to the body language that is so much of communicating.

The noise of the world has replaced emotional sharing.

The old saying seems to be true that no one on their death bed wishes that they had spent more time in the office.

So why not connect now with those currently in front of us? Whether they be family, friends or the people that we serve. Why not serve them with your full attention?

For me, it has been far more gratifying to slow down and connect with my patients. After all, dentistry is a very personal experience.

Gone are the skates for moving from room to room quickly to increase efficiency. Here is the one on one attention that all crave for.

Join me in the quest to make each life richer for ourselves and the people we interact with by asking them: “How’s your day going?”

Our Patient Phylis and Dr. Netzley