The Good Samaritan

The past couple of weeks has given me time to pause in amazement.

I went into the grocery store to buy my wife a jar of lemon juice. As I waited in line, the lady in front of me saw that I had only one item to buy and kindly allowed me go ahead of her. I hurriedly paid for the item in cash then turned and thanked her.

Then, this past week I was laboriously sorting through a hundred pieces of lumber to find 30 pieces suitable for building my house. A gentleman came up to the pile wanting a single piece. I told him where the crooked ones were and procured him a decent piece. Then, he asked me if I needed help. “Sure!” I said and he helped me sort till I got my 30 pieces of lumber.

Later, as I was driving home with the lumber on my lumber rack, a driver pulled alongside me and tooted his horn pointing at the lumber. I pulled over to inspect the lumber and see what might be amiss. As I stood there, another car pulled up and told me I lost lumber. So, I started walking back when she tooted me. I walked back to her when she suggested I follow her to the lumber. So, I started up the truck and followed her back three quarters of a mile. As I loaded up the five pieces that had been stacked on the parking strip, she pulled in behind me, turned on her emergency lights and waved the traffic around us. When I finished reloading the truck, I walked back and thanked her.

How often do you see kind, selfless acts like that today?

I have had countless experiences where others have helped me even just in the recent past. This shows me that there are many Good Samaritans out in the world today.

When given the opportunity, who among us would take the high road and act as a Good Samaritan?