Old Friends

Many years ago, I was leading a group of Boy Scouts out of the back country near Lillian Lake when we came upon another group of Scouts hiking in.  They were resting, so we decided to rest also. 

After dropping off my back pack, I went over to talk with the “other” Scoutmaster.  He had a full red Beard.  After greetings, and learning he was from San Diego, he started asking questions that were sort of odd. Did I attend the 1st Methodist church?  Well yes, I replied.  He became quiet and asked me my name.  I replied “Bill Netzley.”  I asked him for his name and he replied “Art Carpenter.” 

I blurted out, “I dated your Sister!” That she left as an exchange student to Sweden and never returned. 

As my old friend Art and I were catching up, he told me that he was jealous of me because I had received my Eagle Scout award before him. It had been a competition each week as we reported each other’s scout troop activities.  I then  told him that he was the only person in Sunday school that treated me nicely.  While this mutual admiration society meeting was taking place, I noticed how both groups of boys were silent.

Just like Art and I did all those years ago, we want to establish a relationship here in our dental office with our patients that we can consider ourselves “Old Friends.”