Why We Don’t Go to the Dentist

Based on my decades of experience, let me take a guess at why you do not visit the Dentist.

The biggest hesitations in seeking dental care include the following:

*Time/Schedule                             *Money

*Value                                               *No Urgency/ No Need

*Too Old                                           *Fear

*Lack of Trust

Which one (or more) is your reason(s) for avoiding the Dentist?

Each of your concerns are real to you.  Your Dentist should make them personally real to his or herself and should be able to address all of your concerns. 

We try our utmost to discover and work with your reservations involving your oral health – a window into the health of the rest of the body.

TIME:  Is time as important to you as money?  We try to schedule as much treatment in one visit so that you do not have to make so many trips to the dental office.  We attempt to be flexible with appointment times.

VALUE:  Do you want the dental services to add benefits to your life?  We try to balance services, money, time and long range benefits for the patient.

TOO OLD:  Does your age determine your quality of life?  Maintaining your oral health throughout your life is essential to the quality of your life.

LACK of TRUST:  Have you had less then optimal experiences or very concerned about honesty, clinical experience, etc.?  Trust is something that is earned.

MONEY:  Do you need to budget your expenses?  Do you have Insurance? Do you not? We have many options for you to pay the dental fees.  We will help you to maximize your dental benefits.  We even have an alternative membership plan if you don’t have dental insurance.

NO URGENCY:  Do you believe that teeth are for losing? That back teeth are unimportant?  Dental disease is one of the more prominent diseases in the world.  We believe that it does not take vacations or holidays.

FEAR:  Are you one of the 50% of persons in the world that are fearful of a dental visit?  You are not alone although you may feel that way.  We treat fearful patients with nitrous oxide and/or Oral Conscious Sedation.   We have treated the fearful patient for over 15 years.